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Audio crossovers are a class of electronic filter used in audio applications.

1 Year

Audio crossovers are a class of electronic filter used in audio applications. Most individual loudspeaker drivers are incapable of covering the entire audio spectrum from low frequencies to high frequencies with acceptable relative volume and lack of distortion so most professional speaker systems use a combination of multiple loudspeakers drivers, each catering to a different frequency band. Crossovers split the audio signal into separate frequency bands that can be separately routed to loudspeakers optimized for those bands. This fantastic 2-way crossover ensures balanced separation of high, medium and low frequencies of a full range signal input, such as a song or voice. This crossover is extremely powerful supporting 400w RMS, that-s 800w MAX of power. Only high quality components have been used in it manufacture. The thick metal coils and resistors take the powerful input signal and effortlessly separate the high, mid and low frequencies for excellent sound reproduction. Onboard are 4 holes to allow you to screw this crossover to your speaker cabinet chassis. The Crossover frequency responce 3KHz usually simply referred to as "time-alignment" is a term applied to loudspeaker systems which use multiple drivers to cover the entire audio range. It is the technique of delaying the sound emanating from one or more drivers to correct the tilting of lobes at the crossover frequencies.

12dB Attenuation Slope
2 way Crossover
CD Horn EQ
For High SPL Applications
Superb Phase Response
For Dual 12" /15" & DE45 / DT44 / P3
Crossover Frequency : 3 Khz
Power : 400W
Impedance : 8 Ohms

Warranty : 1 Year

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