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The V212 is a 2-way Vertical Linearray housing two 12" LF drivers positioned in a dipolar arrangement and 2 2" ( 1" Exit)HF compression driver fitted to a waveguide. 1100W RMS

1 Year

Vertical line-arrays are created by stacking or suspending identical loudspeaker cabinets so the LF (Low-Frequency) and HF (High-Frequency) drivers, are placed in exact vertical alignment with each other. This enables them to work together to send sound waves much further than a single driver could. NX Audio V-212 uses specially designed waveguides to ensure horizontal sound dispersion can be very wide, while keeping the vertical alignment extremely tight. The resulting sound is smoother, with much more even dispersion than that of traditional horn-loaded loudspeaker systems. V-212 Series loudspeakers provide amazingly brilliant sound, with rich and deep low-end, smear-free mids and sparkling highs. Capable of generating extremely high sound pressure levels. V-212 line array can provide coverage in the range of 60 to 400 feet. There are 2 x 12" Custom Designed 500W high efficiency Midbass drivers in the enclosure, to extend the low frequency response. The High frequency component is handled by 2 X Custom 1” throat 51mm VC Titanium compression.V212 is offers a excellent affordable solution for mid size applications.

Small compact design, high sound output with 130dB/1m
2 x 12" Custom Designed 500W high efficiency Midbass drivers
X Custom 1” throat 51mm VC Titanium compression High
Frequency response of 70 Hz to 16 Khz
High sound output with 129dB/1m
LF System 1000W RMS / 2000W Prog
LF 102dB Sensitivity
HF System 200W RMS / 400W Prog
HF 111dB Sensitivity
90 deg Horizontal
Vertical according to Array Length & Configuration
Freq. Resp. 70Hz/16KHz
Intelligent hanging system for quick and safe Rigging
Environmental fiberglass coating
Proprietary aluminum rigging hardware and suspension frame

Warranty : 1 Year

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