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QX2500 MK2

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The new innovative QX MK2 Series Amplifiers are a technological tour-de-force.
1 Year

The new innovative QX MK2 Series Amplifiers QX-2500 MK2 are a technological tour-de-force. From the input stage to the output stage the QX MK2 Series has precise and comprehensive protection systems with enough power rest, Moreover, the sensitivity of QX-MK2 series is 1V. which provides very safe working condition to the amp. All four models are usually sold in pairs as they are equipped with high and low pass filters, so you can optimize output for subwoofer or full range systems to provide peak audio quality and performance from any speaker system you may be using. The patented aluminum heat sink is of special tooling which has 60% higher cooling than regular heat sinks and much lighter than normal heatsink to boot . Perfect LXTM input overload limiter protection. The input is well controlled by this thoughtful feature. It is dynamic in nature, which means that it works differently over varying frequencies and temperatures. This will ensure clean distortion-less sound that will protect both the amplifier and the loudspeaker. Special LRSTM short circuit protection. When the output stage sees a short circuit, this advanced circuit can mute the input signal and switch off the relay. At the same time, it locks the amp by another circuit. One needs to switch off the amp and then switch on again to restart the amp. LCD Display. The LCD readout displays information like temperature, Operating mode, Protection etc. This provides help in immediate trouble shooting. Special SLDDTM sound dynamic processing circuit. An inbuilt 0.5dB-0.8dB limiter delay, variable in delay value over frequencies makes the amplifier sound dynamic and quick. Special CLPTM clip limiter circuit. This circuit works independently of the impedance load and frequency. The limiter range is much wider and has a smooth sound to its credit. Even with very large musical signals, there is no clipping. This can effectively protects the entire sound system from harmful distortions. +1.5V DC protect. This protects the amplifier and Speakers very effectively Special VLTM 24dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley filter. crossover circuit design which is of the professional standard Transformer overheat protect. If the amplifier is overloaded the transformer will get hot .the thermal switches off the amplifier when the temperature reaches 110 degrees Soft startup. This protects the amplifier from high inrush current when switching On the amplifier Wider sound dynamic range. As these Series Amplifiers have sufficient power capacitance, high Spec, ODM Capacitors for better sound imaging. Special Housing Design. For better ease in mounting in racks and fligtcases ,the front ear is 3mm thick and especially designed back ears
Stable performance / precise workmanship.
Low power consumption less than 0.1A when working without load & Zero noise.
High-efficient APS circuit for best power supply & Perfect limiter circuit protects your loudspeakers.
Built-in High Pass & Low Pass Crossover.
Specialized system protection circuit, comprehensive, safe, reliable & accurate such as Short circuit protect, Over load protect, DC protect, (inrush audio peak) Limiter Soft start, High Temp protect, HF protect, Back - EMF protect etc.
Stereo / Parallel / Bridge Modes
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Warranty : 1 Year

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