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Raytech PS63

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Protect your Expensive Audio, Lighting and Video gear with the Raytech Range of Powersafe Power Management Systems
1 Year

Sound and Lighting Rental companies, Event managers, Live Bands, DJs, AV Installers, Video Production companies etc. invest in expensive state of the art equipment for professional use. Over 60% of equipment damage is attributed to poor power conditions and generator supplies. A Single NEUTRAL failure can damage every single piece of equipment connected to the power supply within a second of the error! Over & Under voltage causes system crashes and hangs in todays digital domain. Prevent these catastrophies with POWERSAFE
Detects & protects against following power Conditions:
Power Sags / Swells / Surges
Incorrect termination of 3 phase supplies (PS-180)
Neutral Failure
Under Frequency
Over Frequency
Monitoring :
Individual Phase True RMS Voltage Display
Individual Phase True RMS Current Display
Frequency Display
High Accuracy Measurements
Backlit LCD display for Setup Menu and Options
Earth-Neutral Voltage Monitoring. Verifies proper earthing, Neutral Displacement
Adjustable Protection Levels :
Over voltage 245-275 VAC
Under voltage 170-220 VAC with Disable
%-Over Frequency 50.5-55.0 hz with Disable
Under Frequency 45.5-49.5 hz with Disable
Features :
Bypass switch
Input Output via High current terminals / CEE norm connectos
Available with Distribution Options / MCB-s
Warranty : 1 Year

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