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Audiocenter MVP6000

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MVP Series, a professional and high-end amplifier, is famous for its stability, high-efficiency, and light weight.

1 Year

MVP Series, a professional and high-end amplifier, is famous for its stability, high-efficiency, and light weight. MVP Series adopting big power switch mode has high efficiency and light weight characteristic. The outstanding performance is highly praised by the customers from all over the world. The three models within this series offer a range from 800 watts to 1600 watts per channel at 2 ohms to satisfy all requirements. With carefully selected components like audiophile Wima capacitors, MVP Series has Hi-Fi sound and high damping factor. This makes MVP Series suitable for any kind of application, from high power subwoofers to critical monitoring where crystal clear highs are mandatory.

IMPORTANT FEATURES – A-Guard protection system Includes overload limiter with optimized attack time. Unlike other solutions which depend on separate circuits to address different problems, A-Guard was developed as centralized solution where all protection requirements work together in perfect harmony. A-Guard is only applied when it´s necessary to protect the amplifier. This is the reason MVP amplifiers are able to sustain full power output even under complex capacitive loads. Smart Overheat Management Audiocenter’s Smart Overheat Management gives MVP series the ability to perform in high temperature environment without thermal shutdown. This unique circuitry monitors the amplifier´s temperature in real time and when the safe operation of the amplifier is compromised, the output power is reduced but not shut down thereby ensuring that your show goes on. Class H+ Circuit Design Eliminates Cross Switching Distortion After many years of R&D Audiocenter has created a new circuitry to eliminate the Class H cross switching distortion, this is done by the accurate time alignment compensation on the critical switching path. The result is the same low distortion as Class AB. In fact, all MVP amplifiers offer distortion less than 0.01% THD at 16KHz, half power. This makes these babies very clean sounding, sweet and natural. We call it Class H+ and it´s only available in Audiocenter amplifiers. Phase Response & Frequency Response (tested by AP) The advantages of Class H+ can be seen and measured in real world. Phase and frequency response performance are close to perfect and we clearly lead the category, thanks to our Class H+ topology. Audiophile Class Slew Rate & Input Limiter With a slew rate of 45V/µs MVP amplifiers are among the fastest in the market. Audiocenter A-Guard input overload limiter is efficient up to 9V, when many competitive circuitries are over-driven above 3V.

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Warranty : 1 Year

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