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Audiocenter KLA815 SUB

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K-LA Series Compact Line Array system is specifically designed for mid to mid-high market.
1 Year

K-LA Series Compact Line Array system is specifically designed for mid to mid-high market. K-LA is mainly used in fixed installation and small sized touring performance, such as small-medium size theater, stadium, exhibition center, multi-functional hall, banquet hall concert hall, seminar, theme party. Museum, high-end entertainment venue, etc.K-LA system applies modularized combination which is suitable for any performance venues.
Light-weight customized Faital / Beyma ferrite drivers with high SPL and ultra low distortion (H3 distortion average <0.5%)
Passive 3 way crossover design for each frequency band handled by special driver, and decrease the mutual interaction between frequency on off-axis, which not only maximize the efficiency of the unit but also ensures good sound quality and dynamic effect
Advanced cooling system and very low power compression
Precisely adjustable angles between the different modules ensure Hi-Fidelity sound and impressive sound dynamics, whether stacked or suspended
Optimized phase response with a hybrid horn design using DMFTM composite materials, directivity -6dB (H°×V°): 100°×20°, with low resonance and broad sound dynamics
Innovative PTVTM technology, with perfect combination of phase and waveguide technology, ensures even coverage and highly accurate dispersion angles
Multi-functional cabinet design and various accessories ensures flexibility from small to medium size applications
Rock solid humidity free birch plywood CNC made cabinet
Touring grade coating with Emery spraying
The K-LA series can be either suspended (max.12pcs) or stacked
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Warranty : 1 Year

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