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The DJM 680 Pro DJ mixer by NX Audio is the brand new mixing tool for the Indian market. 14" 5 Channel DJ Mixer with Built in USB Soundcard and DSP Effects .
1 Year

The DJM 600 Pro DJ mixer by NX Audio is the brand new mixing tool for the Indian market. With an impressive range of powerful effects, including Small Hall, Large Hall, Thin Plate , Plate , Gate Reverb, Flanger, Phaser, Random pitch, Soft scratch, Delay, Trans for effects on all channels, the system provides the DJ with all the tools for creating a wide spectrum of exciting and individual sounds.The DJM-600 provides a visual confirmation of a track-s tempo to allow the user to merge one song into another smoothly. Individual five segment LED on every channel indicates audio level for master and PFL. The DJM-600 is equipped with a separate HI/MID/LOW 3-band equalizer for each channel. This arrangement allows the stress of the instrument sounds to be adjusted within the range -26dB to +12dBfor an improvement of about 100% in sound extraction. The USB connection on the rear panel connects to the laptop or computer and syncs easily and the audio output is linked to CH 3 of the mixer. The cross-fader can be assigned to any channels with 2 knobs onboard on the either side of the cross-fader. There is a smooth fader start function by connecting 2 EP connectors with the CD player one of the unique features in DJM 600. Utilizing independent output terminals for booth monitor use, this function allows the sound volume to be independently controlled at the upper surface. All faders, knobs, volume controls, buttons, etc., are made to professional-grade SS-use high-durability specifications and designed to stand up to hard use. The DJM 600 is at an affordable price in the NX Audio various ranges of DJ mixer in the Indian market.
13 Inputs (7 Line, 3 Phono, 1 USB, 2 Microphone Inputs)
2 Individual XLR/ Line Combo Jacks for Microphone with Gain, Lo, Mid & High Controls
DSP-based effects section with 16 innovative effects with Parameter level control and Parameter depth (Small Hall, Large Hall, Small Room, Medium Room, Thin Plate , Plate , Spring Verb, Gate Reverb, Flanger, Flange verb, Phaser, Robot flange, Random pitch, Soft scratch, Delay, Trans Bright LED lit buttons (Talkover , PFL, Master-AFL, DSP ON-OFF, Effects ON-OFF )
Master, Balance, Booth & Surround Controls
Effects LCD Display Individual 5 segment Separate channel LED meters
Manual Talkover
Stereo/ Split Switch for headphones
XLR Master Outs
Assignable crossfader with crossfader curve
A thru B individual crossfader switches
Master, Booth, Recording outputs
USB play and record
Signal gnd for phono
Crossfader to curve switch
Crossfader reverse on off switch
Warranty : 1 Year

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