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Audiocenter COS2

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The COS series 100V transformer units, converts 4 ohm output to 70V/100V for installation connectivity beyond reproach.
1 Year

The COS series transformer units, allows 70V/100V installation connectivity beyond reproach. It has within it a 2 or 4 separate torodial line matching transformers housed within a 19" rack mount chassis with Phoenix type connectors for rigidity and endurance. Separate line input for all channels assures flexibility. A low cut filter which cuts off frequency below 80Hz, ensures safety for the 70V/100V transformers and also installation loudspeakers. Amplifiers from the RX, DJ, EX and ST series can be made into top notch installation amplifiers using the COS units.
19" Professional Rack Mount 70V & 100V Installation transformer unit
Versatile use with Quad or Bi-amplified amplifiers
2 or 4 Separate Toroidal Transformers units available
Separate line input for all channels
Phoenix type connector very strong
Built-in Filter, cuts low frequency below 80Hz, which is harmful for the 70V/100V transformer
Warranty : 1 Year

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