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The AC-234XL is very versatile and can be used in 2way/3way in Stereo mode plus 4 way in Mono Mode. It's is not only sleek, but also extremely reliable and well built.

1 Year

The AC-234XL is not only sleek, but also extremely reliable and well built. The controls exude great precision, and the feel is a solid "click". All the inputs and outputs are balanced XLR connectors that are screwed directly to the chassis. This connecting of the jacks insures that even if someone steps on a cable plugged into the unit, it's not going to tear up the circuit board inside. It features Linkwitz-Riley 24dB per octave filters, the professional standard. Back panel switches allow you to select the range of the crossover frequencies individually for both channels. All these switches are on the back panel because it could be disastrous if you were to change them mid-program. On the front panel you'll notice there are LEDs that indicate whether the unit is in mono or stereo mode. Each channel has an input gain control for proper level setting. There's a recessed 40 Hz low cut (HPF) on each channel to remove unwanted low frequencies. Both the low and high outputs on each channel have a gain control ranging from -infinity to +6dB, to allow muting of individual outputs and for level matching. Also, these outputs each have phase reverse switches that'll help get you out of a bind without having to reconfigure your system. You'll get great performance, all the features you'd expect from a professional product at a price which will truly suprise you.

XLR differentially balanced ins and outs
Mode switches for mono 4-way or stereo 2-way/3way operation
Low frequency summed (subwoofer) output
x10 range switch & 40Hz high pass (low cut) filter on both channels
Phase reverse switch & Individual level controls on all outputs
24dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley filters
Stereo/Mono status LEDs indicate the selected mode

Warranty : 1 Year

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